Questions and Answers

  In a nutshell, what exactly is The Chamber of Commerce CHAMBERTI$ING Crash Course?

  Very simply, it's a fast-paced, 3-hour crash course in creating effective advertising.Through a combination of colorful graphics, high energy speaking and fun interaction, your participants learn scores of easy-to-use ways to bolster their ad response and increase their business. Originally 90-minutes long, enthusiastic feedback indicated that participants wanted still more. Recent comments reveal strong interest in a full-day work shop program, now in development.

  I've noticed Drew's "doctor" photo and white lab coat. Does this workshop have anything to do with surgery or medicine? Is this program for physicians?

  No and no. But good questions! This program is for all businesses of all sizes that spend money to advertise their products and services. Drew's doctor image simply represents his "emergency-room attitude" toward teaching people how to stop wasting thousands of dollars on dull and ineffective advertising.

  What kinds of advertising does drew talk about? Newspaper? Radio? Magazine? TV?

  For over 28 years, Drew has specialized print advertising, therefore he focuses on creating effective advertising for newspapers, brochures, web sites, emails, flyers, and similar media. However, Drew does not advocate the use of one medium over another. He supports the wise use of all media types, both print and broadcast.

Drew teaches your Chamber members the psychology of advertising... the psychology that influences people to respond.

He does not teach how to mathematically determine cost and budgets. Nor does he conjecture and hypothesize. He delivers only tested and proven practical techniques that your audience can start using and benefiting from the very same day if they wish.

  Does Drew sell products during or after his presentation?

  After the training, participants are often motivated to learn more through self-study. Drew has several products that he may make available for ordering immediately after his presentation. Those participants who are interested in making a purchase simply check a box on the back of the program rating sheet and their orders are sent C.O.D. Drew comes to train, not to sell products.The entire 3 hours is used for training purposes only. No financial transactions ever take place.

  What kind of equipment and materials does Drew provide?

  Everything from A to Z! Professional visuals and props, ready-to-copy event announcement flyer, customized press release, sign in sheets, handout pack master copy, rating sheets, and more. You supply the room, an LCD projector, screen and whiteboard. Drew handles the rest!

  What times of day are best? May food be served during the presentation?

  It's up to you, however Drew recommends a lunch-or dinner-time presentation, preferably after participants have eaten. The clanking of plates and a crunching of chips are terribly distracting. (And tend to make Drew hungry.)

  Does Drew compete with our attendees' businesses in any way?

  Absolutely not! Drew is an advertising trainer, author and consultant. He solicits no advertising consulting, writing, designing or similar services to your members. In fact, the only sources who recommends are those within your organization. Drew sole job is to help your Chamber members grow their businesses.

  How far in advance should we book Drew?
  Drew gives only a limited number of live trainings per year, therefore you'll want to book as soon as possible for the greatest availability. If you plan on promoting your event, allow yourself no less than 10 weeks to do so, for best results.

  How much deposit is required to reserve the date?

  The industry standard deposit is 50%. This is payable upon finalization of the Speaking Agreement and takes your date off the market. Should you need to cancel, the agreement allows you to reschedule without losing your deposit. See the Speaking Agreement for full detail.
  I've heard that Drew's training style is somewhat unusual. Could you describe it?

  You may never have seen a speaker like Drew in your entire life. He doesn't stand still for more than a moment. He whispers, shouts, talks to himself, throws up his arms and gets very dramatic, all for good reason: to create an educational experience that impacts and resonates throughout your audience far longer and more powerfully than the typical, dry business seminar that's quickly forgotten. Drew's presentation is as much entertainment as it is valuable and practical. Participants love the dynamics and many rank the program among the best they ever experienced during the tenure of their Chamber membership.